Fall Trends

I am seeing a lot of professional stuff on the horizon. Is there a trend pendulum back towards dressing up when we go out? People are heading back to the office, so a dash of professional stuff is in! For example, blazers with jeans! (Believe it or not I saw a black and white houndstooth sweater recently.) The ripped jeans style continues but with more of a relaxed or wide leg fit versus skinny jeans. Gray is still hot! Hats are in for fall – the cream colored hats we sell are staying on the popular list.

A new spin on shackets I thought was interesting; it is the same look but a ruffle sleeves and almost a dress style (babydoll cut) top so we’ll see where that trend continues to go. I’m seeing western so we were conservative and got in western pajamas to start.

Sweaters continue with that wide stripe block style for fall! We saw that style in dresses over the summer. We here at B&C are investing in DENIM for fall and bringing in a hot new leather bracelet as well as a handful of high-end items after market. Hope that helps as you are planning! Check back for updates!