Think outside the box 🎁 for holiday colors

What colors will you see and why?
Following tradition, we will have some reds and greens in the shop for you to choose from BUT primarily you will see more silvers and blues and cranberries because I’m a big advocate of being able to continue to use pieces even after the season. You can mix cranberry with denim and you can mix silver with black and you can mix blue with just about anything in your closet 💙 (Let’s Go Blues!)

Take a moment and think outside the box about colors that look good on your complexion and mix and match them with colors of the season. For example if you look good in purple, girl rock your purple with SOME silver! It’s still festive because it’s grounded by one of the traditional colors of the season but adds what I like to call “you flair” 💥

Whatever your adventure, dress for it! And have a safe and meaningful holiday season. 🎄Forgive more🙏🏽, smile easy 😄and love big❤️.